Video Gamers Can Stay in Shape While Playing Games

Playing video games can be a very time-consuming hobby that can lead to obesity if not moderated appropriately. Limiting your gaming time doesn’t have to be an option. In most games, there is a brief time dedicated between levels or missions to lay out the next objective for you to complete called a “cutscene”. Most cutscenes don’t last more than a few minutes at most, but can be vital to your video game success. Rather than just waiting for the scenes to play out, you can sneak in an exercise or two.



One simple exercise is sinking your body into a deep squat position for the elapsed time of the cutscene. Squatting mostly works out the muscles in your calves, hamstrings, and glutes.

Exercises 18.png


Another easy exercise is to hold your body in a plank position like the squats for the entire cutscene. “Planking” challenges your ab core and improves posture.

Exercises 14.png


If you want to take your exercising up a notch, find some dumbbells with which you can curl and do a few sets of 8 during the cutscene. This curling exercise tremendously strengthens your biceps, triceps, and shoulders.


When you find yourself hungry during playing video games, a healthy snack choice would be a protein bar or a small amount of unsalted almonds.  While packed with nutrition, it also eliminates the chance of any unnecessary food excess left on the controller. Instead of separating time between the gym and video games, you can seamlessly combine both to continue to have time to play while also staying fit.


-Nick Norman